More than just weight loss SMASH Worldwide

I remember meeting Mary in Costa Coffee in Enniskillen back in 2015 and having a really deep conversation about all things health. I knew she wasn't interested in "the next quick fix" but something that would help her long term. I think we chatted for nearly 2 hours and after that she decided to try what I was speaking about.

Fast forward a number of years, and Mary is continuing to SMASH it!

This woman is a super woman! She works non stop, not only in her job but also looking after sick and injured animals. The hours and effort this woman puts into everything is a real credit to her. When I see her, she knows I will always tell her to make sure that she is looking after "her" as well as she is looking after everyone else.

This story shows how SMASH is not just about weight loss but long term health and looking after your body, even when you put it under so much pressure.

Here's Mary's story

What made you choose SMASH, over other programmes that are on the market at the moment?

I saw a girl’s story and followed for a bit and she looked fantastic. I then decided to meet up with Sandra. Her knowledge about the way our body's work, the products she promoted, and how food affects us, was amazing. I am so glad I went with her as my health has never been better.

More than just weight loss SMASH Worldwide

How would you describe your life prior to living life The SMASH Way?

I had serious stomach issues that affected my daily life, as well as suffering badly from psoriasis. I was on medication that was affecting my health.

How would you describe living life The SMASH Way?

AMAZING!! The SMASH Way is totally life-changing, and it has made me feel like I am a new person.

What weight loss/body stat results have you got by living life The SMASH Way? 

When I first started my fitness journey, I watched my weight, so in the first 3 months, I lost 1 1/2 stone. Since then, I have maintained that weight, though I have lost inches since then as well. My body fat has reduced, including visceral fat. I am now remarkably 2 to 3 sizes down in clothes size, marking a significant and gratifying transformation in my overall well-being.


What has improved in your life from living life The SMASH Way?

Not only have I successfully discontinued the use of my stomach medication, but my stomach doesn’t give me issues like it used to and I no longer have psoriasis as well. I have a lot more energy, and I am healthier.


What are your favourite things about SMASH?

The easy tasty recipes, the products I get, and how it makes me feel.


What are your favourite SMASH Meals?

Nutty bread
Sweet chili chicken (that I changed to make it vegetarian)
The soups
The Breakfasts

 More than just weight loss SMASH Worldwide

Did you use any SMASH Supplements on your journey to help you along the way? If so, what were they?

I used a homeopathic system, to begin with, I have continued to take Vibracell, Burnz, Coalz, and Vitz C, and I recently started making Turmzo a regular in my daily routine.


What advice would you give anyone considering trying to lose weight or regain their health?

Try the SMASH Way, you won’t regret it!! Definitely don’t put obstacles in the way and follow the plan for at least 28 days, you will see and feel a difference.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting living life The SMASH Way?

Be open-minded and follow the plan for a couple of months, it will be a game changer.

As Mary said, living life The SMASH Way is a game changer. It is a long term solution for your health and weight management concerns. It is possible to fit it into a really crazy hectic, and I mean really hectic, life/work schedule and you will feel amazing whilst doing it.

Don't wait any longer - start today!

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