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We are all unique individuals with unique requirements. There isn’t “one programme that suits all” when it comes to losing weight. Everyone is different due to their genetic make up, environment that they live in, the food choices they make and the activity levels in their life.

This is why I encourage everyone to have an initial consultation when they begin their SMASH journey with me. In fact it is a prerequisite of purchasing the homeopathic products. I’m not being awkward but instead by doing the initial consultation, you will get the best results possible for your unique situation.

SMASH Worldwide Initial Consultation for weight loss coaching

Will this delay the start of my weight loss?

Yes, some people will want to start their weight loss journey really quickly, due to a wedding, holiday, event coming up, and when this happens effectively what is happening is they are dieting and most likely “yo-yo” dieting. I don’t want my clients to be doing that!! I want people to lose their weight and never need to diet again.

When you have an initial consultation with me, you will go through a series of questionnaires to allow me to gather information about your lifestyle including a 3 day food analysis. I review it to see if there is anything essential missing from it or if you are doing something that is slowing down your weight loss or damaging your health.

Yes, you will delay starting the weight loss aspect of your SMASH Programme, but your results will be so much better and potentially you could save money in the long run too. Once you have completed the questionnaires, it is possible to start the cleanse aspect of the programme (with my go ahead), but the homeopathic part of the programme can not be started until after the full review has been completed.

How could you save money?

Ok, imagine you go onto SMASH Worldwide and you read up on all the amazing products that are available and you want to purchase lots of them. You may be buying a product that your body really does not need and miss out on a product that your body definitely needs and as a result you do not get the results that you desire.

It will stop you purchasing the wrong products for your body:

For example, someone could purchase the SMASH Attack Collection but they do not need the BLOOMZ or L’Glutamine. What they really need is BURNZ for energy and WOWZA to aid the symptoms of an underlying health issue. When the body is given the correct supplementation that it needs and you bring it back to the correct balance, amazing things happen.

It can identify missing nutrients from your diet:

Another example is that someone just gets the Blitz and Balanze Programme but when I analyse their food intake, they are lacking in Omega 3 (they refuse to eat fish) and are really high in Omega 6 (which results in inflammation in the body – which in turn slows down fat release). This would mean that they may not get the results that they desire because their body is so inflamed. An inflamed body will not release fat!

It will address not only your macros but your micro nutrients as well:

Another way to look at this is if you are eating the wrong macro-nutrients your body may not release fat. If someone is eating lots of protein and not enough healthy carbs and fats, their body will be tired and not release fat. I totally disagree with the mindset “as long as it is within my macro allowance, I can eat it”. This is not a healthy mind set. It is the nutritional quality of the food – the micro nutrients – that is so important not just the macro content.

It is so important that I know what is happening in your life currently so that I can advise you correctly to prepare you for your future. As I say “I can not fix, what I do not know.”

Focus on long term health rather than just losing weight

Try not to view SMASH as just another “diet” but a way to lose weight in a healthy way that supports your body for long term health. Anyone can lose weight, but whether or not it is done in a healthy manner, that will not cause long term health issues or whether the weight that they lose, stays off long term, is the concern.

Give yourself the best chance at long term health and weight management by having the Initial Consultation done before you start. You will be glad that you did.

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Yours in Health and Happiness

Sandra Miskimmin
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