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Premium Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Premium Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

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Premium Micofibre Pearl Weave General Purpose Cloths

Made using the highest quality pearl weave technology these cloths are also very popular in some markets as they are the same as the original ‘Swedish’ cloth. Made with an ultra split pearl weave microfibre, they have one of the highest quality manufacturing processes.

Due to the high quality finish these cloths will outlast any other type of microfibre cloth, and retain their cleaning ability far longer too.

These pearl knitted high polyamide content cloths ensure almost no surface damage as the splitting process produces a very soft material ideal for use on sensitive surfaces. The high polyamide content improves the cleaning effect over lower priced products.

Product Details

70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide, Ultra fine microfibre, 0.13 denier

Size - 40cm x 40cm

Product Care Instructions

We recommend that these cloths and towels are washed at a low temperature around 40 Deg C to save energy and to be kind to the environment. They can be washed at higher temperatures if required.  It is recommended that you "boil" the mitt once a month to ensure deep cleaning

Do not wash with high lint clothing eg towels, socks, tea towels as the lint from these will clog up the fibres making your mitt less effective.

Do not use fabric softeners as it can reduce the effectiveness of the mitten
Can be laundered over 500 times.
Can be tumble dried, in fact it is beneficial as it ‘opens’ the fibres up.

Beneficial for:

Anyone interested in reducing their exposure to toxins in cleaning products

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