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This story is a very special one for so many reasons. This lady is an inspiration! However, when I was doing her initial consultation, I thought, man, have I finally got a person that I am not able help.  The list of conditions and medications, this lady was on was extensive. I was shocked. I felt her pain and I could see the pain in her eyes. It reminded me so much of the pain in my eyes - the pain that I tried to hide from everyone for years.

When I did her consultation, I was very open with her and said that due to her very unique situation, it would be trial and error to see how her body responded to The SMASH Way, but we would work together at helping her to achieve her goals. In my head, I hoped and prayed that it would work. I hoped I could take away some of her pain and give her back hope. Let's hear her story:

SMASH Worldwide Success

What made you choose SMASH, over other programmes that are on the market at the moment?

I followed Sandra and SMASH for a number of years, peeping in from the wings and hiding in the shadows, dreaming, wondering if it could work for me. What resonated with me hugely was that some of the conditions Sandra had, were extremely similar to what I'm going through myself and I'm being told the same things by medical professionals that she was. All that struck a chord and once I was in the right frame of mind to discuss things seriously with her I made the call and took the plunge into the world of SMASH.

Compared to other programs on the market, goodness they don't even come close to SMASH, this is not about weightloss, cutting calories and restricting your life, if it was I'd never do it.

SMASH is about education, learning how your body uses food, your current fat stores, what foods go together, what foods should be in each meal, how your own body responds to certain foods and so much more, other companies do not do this. Other companies talk about restricting foods, calorie limits, increasing exercise blah, blah, blah..... exercise I cannot do (yet) due to my medical conditions BUT I'm still having weekly weight loss and even without any exercise I am gaining muscle mass!!

I did not join SMASH primarily for weight loss, I joined to improve my health, ease my medical conditions and try to improve my quality of life. Boy oh boy am I seeing changes, yes I'm still in pain 24/7 but it has reduced, my inflammation levels are greatly reduced, I'm able to do more than I have in the past 5 years and yes I have lost weight, that's the added bonus.

I've come a long way in 5-6 months, there's a long way still to go but I will get there one day at a time.

How would you describe your life prior to living life The SMASH Way?

Pain filled days, living on multiple medications and waiting on the next set of pain relief. Extremely limited in the range and amount of any kind of activities I could do, going for a bath or shower on my own without someone to physically help me in and out of the bath or shower didn't ever happen.

Family days out, well they needed planned to the last detail, lots of rest breaks and I needed 2-3 days minimum to recover afterwards, even if I was just sitting in the car.

SMASH Worldwide Success Stories

How would you describe living life The SMASH Way?

Enlightening and empowering!

In all my years of attending consultants, approximately 20+ years, I've only had one suggest a food to try to help my conditions. SMASH has opened my eyes to the options out there, the possibilities available through a proper diet/lifestyle alone and it's having a positive impact on other members of my family too.

What weight loss/body stat results have you got by living life The SMASH Way?

Inside 5/6 months I've lost 3st, dropped 2 dress sizes, my BMI has dropped 3.2 but above all of that ... I'm wakening before my alarm.

I'm managing to get into the bath on my own sometimes, getting out I need help and support still. I'm also considering discussing coming off some medications when I next see my consultant.

What has improved in your life from living life The SMASH Way?

The nutritional intake of myself and my whole family, the range of foods I'm eating and my hope for a brighter future has changed so much.

I now have hope, compared to the diagnosis of degenerative conditions with no hope of improvements.

What are your favourite things about SMASH?

Sandra, the support, the flexibility, the recipes, the people in the group, the education, the opportunities, the openness and honesty.

What are your favourite SMASH Meals?

Smoothie Bowls
Spaghetti Bolognese
Messy Tuna Salad
Chocolate Muffins
Peanut Butter Cookies

I'm still experimenting with the recipes so this list will grow, that I'm 100% sure of.

SMASH Worldwide Testimonials

Did you use any SMASH Supplements on your journey to help you along the way? If so, what were they?

Yes, I honestly cannot remember them all but I got each one Sandra recommended of the back of my food diary analysis and initial consultation. The main reason I went with everything was to give my body the best chance of success.
Now, I take the Vibracell everyday, and so does some of the children here too.

What advice would you give anyone considering trying to lose weight or regain their health?

You need a Sandra in your life, not only will she help you but she will explain all in a way you can understand it. Everyone needs a Sandra in their life.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting living life The SMASH Way?

Take it at your pace, there is no one size fits all.

Be careful not to overwhelm yourself in the very beginning, change one thing and stick with it for a few days before trying to add something else in. When you do it this way you can readjust slowly and the changes become habit and part of your daily life rather than a quick fix diet.

Client C, 37 years old, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, smashing it since March 2023

This is the most amazing journey and one that will expand as she continues on her health journey with SMASH. I have said it before and I will say it again - SMASH helps you get your body so healthy, that the positive side effect is that you lose weight!! What a side effect!!

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