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Is SMASH Food, Diet Food?

Oh man!! You are considering doing starting to live life The SMASH Way and you are wondering what is the food like! Is it like every other kind of "diet" out there?
Well let me start by saying that SMASH is not a "diet" in the traditional way of looking at a "diet". A "diet" is something that you have a start date with and an end date with. You tend to finish your diet and then go back to your old traditional unhealthy ways of eating.

SMASH Worldwide is different

You will have an elimination part to do for at least 4 weeks (preferably 8 weeks for maximum health results) where you eliminate all the common foods that cause damage to the body. This is to allow your body to cleanse and reset.
You will still be eating delicious foods that are highly nutritious and you will never feel hungry. You will nourish your body so much that you will see how good you can feel.

Here are some common questions that I get asked about SMASH foods and recipes:-

*  Are the recipes difficult and time consuming? I'm a really busy mum and don't have time for lots of cooking.
The majority of my recipes can be cooked from start to finish in 20-30 minutes. When I create a recipe I always keep the fact that people are so busy nowadays they need something quick to prepare. In the SMASH It 8 Week Course, I show you ways to organise and plan your food so that you are not stuck in the kitchen forever.
*  Will I spend more money on food doing SMASH?
When you first start the programme, your very first shopping list will probably be more expensive, however, what we find is that in the long run your shopping costs you less. We also find that you have less wastage and due to the fact that you are eating highly nutritious food you need to purchase less.
*  I eat really plain food, are there recipes that will suit me?
Yes, of course. The joy of the SMASH programmes is that everyone eats different foods. It is not a one food plan fits all. Everyone is different and have different preferences and they are met by the programme. I do give recommend weekly food plans as guidance, but you can swap things in and out of it. I am always about for guidance, and very happy to help if you are faced with a dilemma. I also love creating new recipes so I can create ones to suit. 
*  Are there weird and wonderful ingredients in the recipes?
I have been very conscious about creating recipes that include foods that are readily available to us.  I live in an area where there isn't really a great variety of exotic foods. I would say all your ingredients are available from your local shops.
* I have really fussy children, will they be able to eat SMASH meals?
I would say yes they will. My children eat all of the meals that I cook and we tend to always have the same thing at dinner times. Initially your children may not want eat them, but when they see you feeling so much better they will become more adventurous. Many families say that their kids are eating SMASH meals and loving it. I encourage families to let kids try the food and then find out what works best for them. All flavours can be adapted to be milder or stronger, so find what works best.
*  Do I need any specialist kitchen equipment?
No, the average household kitchen should have everything that you need. The only equipment that I would suggest investing in are, a Nutribullet (for smoothies and blitzing things for handiness), a really good quality large knife (it speeds up cutting meats and veg) and a personal one for me, a egg poaching pan (I hate the stringy bits of eggs poached in water). These are optional.
If you have any other questions, pop them in the comments section and I will answer them for you.

What do SMASH meals look like?

Healthy Beef Burger Recipe
Healthy Chicken Fried Rice Recipe
Healthy Chicken Curry Recipe
Healthy Soup Recipe

They all look pretty "normal" don't they lol!!

This is just a small selection of the food that SMASH clients eat. It is healthy nutritious food that will fuel your body the right way and help you towards living a healthier lifestyle. You can grab the recipes for these and 6 others for FREE here and start cooking the SMASH away now. 

Live Life The SMASH Way

When you live life The SMASH Way, you get access to all these recipes (for life) and there are recipes added on a regular basis so that you don't get bored.
If you like what you see, pop over to the Initial Consultation section, get yours booked in and lets get you on the journey to a healthier life.
Let's SMASH it!
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