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Food Analysis & Report

Food Analysis & Report

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This 3 Day Food Analysis gives you a detailed report on the nutritional quality of your current food intake.

You will have access to an exclusive app to input your food and water intake over a period of 3 days.  Once the app has processed the data, the information is then analysed and personal recommendations formulated. 

You will receive a report within 5 days of your food intake be completed.

Within the reoport you receive, you will have details of your

  • macro nutrient intake
  • sugar levels
  • fibre intake
  • cholesterol levels
  • fat quality
  • vitamin levels
  • mineral levels
  • glycemic load of your food.

You will be able to see exactly what is too high or missing from your current diet and where things need adapted. You will also receive recommendations based on the information recieved from your analysis.

Beneficial for:

Anyone who will like to have an in depth knowledge on what their body is getting from the food that they are eating.

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