My Promise

Sandra Miskimmin, the Founder of SMASH Worldwide, can help you to change your life in 28 days.

Sandra Miskimmin SMASH Worldwide

Her mission is to provide women with the knowledge and power to understand the “jigsaw of living a healthy lifestyle.” After having a dramatic change to her lifestyle and health back in 2013, she went back to school and retrained in nutrition, weight management, naturopathy and behavioural change. She is passionate about educating people on how to implement easy strategies into their lives so that families can live a healthier life in the long run and that people can reach their fullest potential.

As a determined, self motivated business woman, she has won numerous awards for her business achievements over the past 17 years. She has spoken on stage on many occasions, with the highlight being speaking on stage in Las Vegas, to over 1000 attendees at a conference.

Her positive attitude and energy shines through when she is working with clients and her desire to ensure that clients succeed, drives her on a daily basis.

When she is not helping clients, you will find her either in the kitchen creating tasty new recipes, in the gym or at the side of a football pitch cheering on her boys.

How can she help you?

I think the best way to look at this is in the promise that she has for you...

My promise to you.

When creating SMASH Worldwide, it was important that I always held my beliefs and values at the core of its creation. This had to be something that I could help people with their quest for long term health. This was not just another quick fix for you to try and fail at, but something that you would be successful with for the rest of your life.

I had been searching for nearly 2 years before I found products that I was happy to recommend to clients. It was a long (and sometime painful) road but the end result is really beautiful and one I am very proud of, as I know I can help you achieve your healthy goals.

So, on that basis I promise the following to YOU:-

  • I will endeavour to provide you with a high quality service that will deliver really high quality natural supplements and health products so that you get the best results.
  • I will continue to study, research and learn about new developments in the health field so I can provide you with the most up to date information that I can.
  • I will continue to search for companies that meet my requirements and standards when it comes to products so that you will have the best quality products available to you.
  • I will aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This means that I will be cautious when it comes to packaging and refrain from using anything unnecessary.  I do re-use most of the packaging that the products arrive to me in.  I know some of the supplements come in plastic bottles and that may seem to be a negative. However, the lightweight of the plastic means that it doesn't require as much when it comes to transporting them. It also means that I can keep postage costs as low as possible for my customers. Please help me with my quest to be environmentally friendly by reusing and recycling the plastic as much as possible.
  • I will not take shortcuts to meet deadlines. If this means that things will be delayed, so be it.  I will not rush things to the market if they are not right.
  • I will never promote "quick fixes" and "gimmicks" that make massive promises about weight loss. These "quick fixes" are not suitable for long term health. Yes, you may lose weight using something like that, but in the long run it is to the detriment of your health.  Your longterm health is always at the forefront of my mind.
  • I will be open and honest with you. Sometimes you may not like it, but sometimes it has to be said.  You will love me for it in the long run as I always have your best interests at heart.

My mission with SMASH Worldwide is to provide as many people as possible with an alternative solution for living a healthy lifestyle. Also check out this blog post that explains more about my standards when it comes to SMASH Worldwide products and programmes.  This kind of living may not be for everyone (and that's OK) but for those that it is right for, it will be amazing.

I look forward to helping you on your journey towards living a healthier, fulfilled life.

Yours in Health and Happiness