Why SMASH Worldwide for weight loss

There are lots of different health supplements and weight loss programmes on the market, so why should you consider using SMASH Worldwide?

What makes SMASH different?

My clients' success is at the core of what I have created. I have really high standards when it comes to anything that I do. So when creating my company I knew I had standards that had to be met.

My Training

There are so many unqualified people out there giving nutritional advice without actually being qualified. It really does pain me when I see this. When I started my health journey, and people started to ask me what I was doing, I knew that I had to retrain and qualify in new areas. I went back to "school" and did the following to ensure I could give people the best service possible.

I am qualified in Nutrition and Weight Management, Nutrition for Sport and Exercise, Pre and Post Natal Nutrition, Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention, Behaviour Change Coaching, Naturopathy and Eating Psychology.

I am continually researching and learning new things to keep up with the ever changing world of health and nutrition.

My Products

When researching and sourcing my products, it was important that I was able to give my clients the best possible products available at the most affordable prices.

When designing The SMASH Way, it was important that I could give information to clients in a format that was easily accessible and easy to understand. I have taken the confusing information out there and created a programme that is easy to understand and allows people to have the knowledge they require for a healthier lifestyle.

I have very high standards when it comes to products and what we are putting in our bodies. My family members and I have trialed the products personally and I have been delighted with the results that they give. One of the reasons that the results are so amazing is due to the standards that I have when I was deciding on the products. 

My standards/requirements for supplements

  • The ingredients need to be from "whole" foods/herbs and not synthetic - This is so important to me as it is not what you put into your body but what your body absorbs that is important. Synthetic supplements are not readily absorbed into the body as they are not in food format. Therefore you are effectively wasting your money if you are using a synthetic supplement. I believe in getting as close to nature as possible. The wide variety of ingredients in SMASH products are "real" and therefore you are going to receive maximum benefit by using them.
  • The products had to be manufactured with the GMP standards - The GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice - is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.
  • The products had to be GMO freeA genetically modified organism (GMO) is any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.  Studies are showing that using GMO foods can cause health issues eg immune system disorders, gastrointestinal issues, accelerated ageing and even infertility. 
  • The products had to suitable for vegetarians and vegans as much as possible - some of the products won't be suitable for vegans eg BLOOMZ & Omega 3, however, the majority of the products are made with a vegan friendly capsules. 
  • The Omega 3 oils had to be from small fish - this is so important to reduce the risk of exposure to toxins stored in the fish. The fish are anchovies, sardines and mackerel are caught in the Atlantic
  • Any excipients are kept to an absolute minimum - I want to provide the best quality products at the best possible price. At least 97% of SMASH products have no excipients at all, which is ideal. There are a couple that have maltodextrin in them, however it is in such a tiny amount it will not affect insulin and it is non GMO which was vital. BURNZ has a small amount of magnesium stearate in it, but after using the product myself and getting fabulous results with it (better than the product that I had been previously using), and researching further into it, I feel confident recommending it to others.

My standards/requirements for Beauty Products 

As someone who suffered from very sensitive skin for years, I have always been very fussy about what I use on my skin. I try to use as little as possible, but what I do use, has to be of a very high standard.

When I was choosing the Argital products I was delighted with their standards and the effectiveness of the products. Some of the key points in relation to them are 

  • 100% Naturally derived
  • Free from
    • synthetic fragrances
    • dyes
    • preservatives
    • mineral oils
    • parabens
    • silicone
    • PEG
  • suitable for Vegans  
  • uses officinal herbs of Demeter certification*, organically certified and harvested from spontaneous cultivation.
  • Allergen free

* Demeter Certification 

Demeter standards are generally recognised as being the most stringent (more so, in some cases, than other organic standards) and are designed to protect maximum vitality, use minimum processing aids and preservatives, and to protect the environment.

The Demeter standards for personal care products state:
“ The aim is to produce cosmetics that consist of natural products which are beneficial to human skin and body, and have as few negative environmental consequences as possible”.

This means Demeter personal care products are about as pure and natural as it’s possible to buy. Here’s why:

  • ingredients from agricultural origin must be a minimum 90% certified bio-dynamic, and the remainder certified organic.
  • Contain only natural ingredients and a small number of permitted additives & preservatives.
  • No GMO’s
  • Water – often a major ingredient in cosmetic products – should be of the highest quality: spring water, distilled water, or dynamised water is preferred.
  • Stringent controls over the use of wild harvested ingredients.
  • Raw materials from dead animals such as collagen are banned, as is testing on animals.
  • The controversial use of nanoparticles is banned.
  • Strict regulations govern the kinds of processing techniques allowed, packaging, energy use, handling of waste material, and biodegradability of products.

The ethos of bio-dynamics – it’s visionary holistic and spiritual approach to Nature and life – is also embedded in its standards, which means Demeter products are not only beautiful for you but for the world.

Argital work in accordance with certain fundamental principles:

  • the quality of raw materials
  • working with and combining these raw materials in a truly harmonious way
  • the fragrance in the products are derived from natural ingredients
  • the production of small batches to guarantee maximum freshness
  • the selection of packaging to preserve the products in the best possible conditions
  • quality checks during various stages of processing and in the period immediately after
  • our rationale behind all of this: healthy cosmetics are the result of a healthy thought.

My standards/requirements for Protein Powders 

There are so many "shake" companies out there claiming to be great for weight loss, however, when I look at the ingredients in them I am horrified. Yes, you may lose weight (due to calorie deficit as you are replacing food with a low calorie shake), but you are potentially putting your health at risk. 

I knew that if I was to recommend a protein powder to a client, it needed to be 

  • A clean protein source
  • Ideally a pea protein - hypoallergenic 
  • NO soya
  • NO artificial sweeteners eg Aspartame, Sucralose
  • No Added Sugar or Fructose
  • LOW natural sugar content
  • LOW on the Glycemic Index
  • NO synthetic Vitamins and Minerals
  • NO Gluten 
  • No Artificial colours or flavours 
  • NO Additives or Perservatives
  • GMO free
  • PH balanced

It is quite a list but I found protein powders that fitted my requirements and they taste amazing!! 

My quest will continue

I will continue to research and source high quality products for my clients so that they can live your best life possible. My commitment is to you!! This will mean that I will have a number of suppliers as I will only use the best products available to me.


In relation to the The SMASH Way, the educational programme that I have created, it was important that information was readily available to clients. There is so much conflicting information out there when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, that I wanted to strip it all back and get back to the basics. 

Healthy living doesn't have to be complicated! It should be enjoyable and fulfilling.

After living in pain and being overweight for years, I know how it feels to be in a situation where you don't know what to do. As the saying goes "been there, done that". 

With The SMASH Way, I will take you through a process that give you the knowledge to change your life for the better in the long run. Remember, knowledge is power. When you have that knowledge you are then able to make informed decisions going forward.

By choosing SMASH you can be assured that I have your best interests at heart.

Get ready to SMASH it 


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