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I don't know about you, but I feel that this year has just flown by.  I really do not know where 2021 has gone to.

I feel that I have totally neglected my blogs on here and I apologise. I have been working away at other things within my SMASH Worldwide business. 

I have been kept busy with my lovely 1 to 1 Clients, my Health Jigsaw Course Students and then I have created the NEW MASTERPLAN.

The Masterplan has been created as I felt that there was a missing piece in what I offered women.

I know the power of having all the pieces of your health jigsaw fall into place, but what I have recognised this year is that not everyone is ready to put ALL of the pieces together.  Some women can find it overwhelming when I go into my "teaching" mode, so I knew that I needed to have an entry point to my services that enabled women, who were at the start of their health and weight loss journey, to just focus on one thing.

That one thing is FOOD.

Food is the most important part of your health jigsaw and it is one that I can help you with very easily through the MASTERPLAN.

The MASTERPLAN is a 28 day Reset along with all the trackers that you need to help you achieve your immediate goal and the SMASH Way Recipe book.  This way of eating will totally change your energy levels, sleep, skin and you will lose weight too.

It is fabulous!! This MASTERPLAN is available in The SMASH Way so you can get a full comprehensive way of looking after your health and your weight. Check it out here

Change in Branding

Another thing that I have been focusing on is my branding.  In the coming weeks and months, you will see a slight shift in my colours and images that I used to promote my business.

I felt that my pre-September branding didn't show the fun, quirky side of me.  I am quite a shy, introverted person but once you get to know me, you get to see the fun, quirky side of me.  I love to use this when I am teaching.  What you see is what you get, and it is very rare that you will see anything filtered and you will most likely see the first take on any videos that I create.

I kept talking about the Health Jigsaw and Connecting the Dots when I was describing what I do with clients so I have started to incorporate these into my branding.  The colours are bold and bright as I want women to realise that living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to mean that everything that you do has to be "biege and bland".  That is boring!

Being healthy is fun and I will continue to smash the preconceived misconceptions about it.  Living life the SMASH Way is life changing and I hope you are ready to feel amazing.

Thank you for being part of the SMASH Family and helping me on my mission to give women access to information that can help them in their quest to live a healthy fulfilled life.

Keep smashing it.

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