recommended tools to help

Here is a list of useful gadgets, tools and equipment that I recommend you use on your SMASH journey.  These aren't essential to purchase, but I get asked all of the time what things I recommend, so I thought I would pop them into a handy page for ease of use.

The Handy Veggies Chopper - This will save you hours in the kitchen prepping veggies. It is so handy and the kids love using it too.

The Spiraliser for Sweet Potato Noodles  - I always get asked how I make my sweet potato noodles and this little gadget is the secret. I have tried plenty of spiralisers and this one is the best. It is strong enough to cope with potatoes.

Poaching Pan for Eggs - I don't like the stringy parts of an egg when you poach it directly in water, so I use a little pan like this.  It is so handy to use and I get the perfect poached egg every time.  If Asda don't have them in stock, here is something similar on Amazon - It will be more expensive but worth every penny.

The Body Analysis Scales to track your body composition as well as weight loss -  When you are trying to lose weight it is important to know what kind of weight you are actually losing. By having these scales, you can see if you are losing fat which you want, and make sure you aren't losing muscle mass. These scales will change your mindset towards weight loss and focus on health instead.

Glass Storage Jars - Storing your food in glass storage jars is much better than storing in plastic. These are great for food prep and for bringing your food out with you.

Insulated Water Bottle - Plastic water bottles can cause damage to the endocrine system which can cause issues with your hormones.  Using a stainless steel one reduces the exposure to these toxins that cause issues. Here's another option too

Headphones -  - these are a great set of headphones that aren't a crazy price. They are really secure on your head so won't fall of if you are doing any excessive exercise.  I love mine.