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I am ME!! Sandra Miskimmin, Founder of SMASH Worldwide. But do you really know me? What am I all about and why I started my business back in 2013? How can I help you with what you want to achieve in life?


Sandra Miskimmin SMASH Worldwide

My weight loss journey

I am a married mum of 3 who found herself overweight, sick and in pain and very unhappy with how my body and health was progressing as I was reaching my 40th birthday. My body was crying for help but I didn't know how to help it.  I was mega frustrated.

SMASH Worldwide

I had tried numerous "plans", "gimmicks", "slimming groups" to try to help my weight but unfortunately nothing worked in the long run. I would lose weight but then be so exhausted I would give up and then regain all the weight I had lost plus a wee bit extra for good measure!!

I even bought stuff of the internet that was meant to help me lose weight but all it did was make me put weight on - I was that desperate! In my head I was destined to grow old, fat and in pain!! I was not looking forward to that.

THEN I was introduced to the homeopathic programme that changed my life. It was a total body health system and it allowed me to lose 41 pounds in 19 weeks BUT more importantly the weight has remained off and my health has improved dramatically.

Due to the dramatic changes that I had, I knew that I wanted to help others achieve the same.

Weight loss Success Story let me set something straight  I AM ME! I am a mum who found a health programme that works. I found a way to control my sugar addiction  and food cravings .  I have found a love for exercise that I had lost for a very long time.

I am living a healthy lifestyle that back in 2013, I thought was unachievable. I am proof that things can change and because of this I want to show other busy mums how they can do it too.

Not only did I lose my weight, but I have also been able to keep it off.  All whilst enjoying life. I still love food, but now I know what foods work with my body and how to maximise my health.

Sandra Miskimmin Weight Loss Programme


I decided that I can help others with the knowledge that I have gained through my own personal research and experience. I have gone back to study and have qualified in Nutrition, Weight Management, Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention, Sports and Nutrition, Behavioural Change Coaching, Pre and Post Natal Nutrition, Eating Psychology and Naturopathy.

I have been fascinated by what I have learned and I am even more passionate about helping others going forward. Some may not like what I have to say, but I need to share what I have learnt so that I can help others live their lives to their fullest potential.

My goal is to:

show people how easy it is to eat real foods and show them it doesn't have to be expensive.
teach people how to cook healthy meals.
help people to have confidence in themselves and their bodies.
help people to see that healthy living doesn't have to be boring.
inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle.
share my recipes with people so they can enjoy them too
give people tips and ideas that will help them in all aspects of their life.
help people realise that there is hope out there and I can help - you don't have to feel like crap.
provide people with an alternative way to live other than the "traditional" way of living that is making our nation sick and fat.

I am a just a normal mum with a passion to help others. I am not perfect. I have bad days were I doubt myself and want to scream at the world, I have stretch marks and wobbly bits and grey hair. But I will continue with my mission to help others to live the best life that they can.

No matter what your age, you are never too young or old to make the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle that will reward you (and your family) for years to come. I want you to believe it can happen and know that I am here to help when you are ready.

What you will get from me is:

 Honesty - you may not like it sometimes but it is done with love
 Motivational Quotes and Inspiration
 Alternatives for Natural Living
 Fun, Food & Fitness
 NO Filters - what you see is what you get!!



I hope that I can inspire and help you to live a healthier lifestyle that your body and family will thank you for in years to come.

If you are struggling with weight and health issues and would like to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, let's get your initial consultation booked in and we can begin.  If you would like to start the journey towards eating The SMASH Way, you can get started today by clicking here.

If you would like to read even more about my back story, please go to the blog "My Story" for further information.

Yours in Health and Happiness

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