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The SMASH Way is your solution to help you with healthy meals that taste amazing, help you lose weight and are suitable for the whole family too. If you are looking to feel better, lose weight, get extra performance at the gym or just want to eat yummy dinners, The SMASH Way can help.

The SMASH Way includes a recipe book, but one with a difference. It is more than just a recipe book. It is a handbook on how you can change your eating habits for the better! You will fall in love with cooking and your family will fall in love with eating the SMASH Way too.

When I was creating this book and then adding all the educational information to it in the SMASH Academy, there were a couple of key things that I was passionate about including. As a busy mum myself, the book had to appeal to people like me. These were the key things that had to be included :

Easy to Make Healthy Recipes

There is nothing worse than not knowing what to cook in the evening after a long days’ work. It is even harder if you are trying to cook healthily for your family as well. Many so called “healthy recipes” are very complicated, time consuming to make and contain ingredients that are hard to get. Some of them look so strange that if you put it down in front of your children, they would turn their nose up at it.

The SMASH Way meals are easy to make and kids will love them

Family Friendly Recipes

I’m a great believer in everyone eating the same meal at meal times. I believe that mums have enough to do without having to cook half a dozen different dishes for the family each evening. The other reason that I believe this is down to the fact that, why would I eat something highly nutritious and good for me and feed my family something that could potentially cause them health issues later in life. That is why all of the SMASH Recipes are suitable for everyone in the household.

The SMASH Way means everyone eating highly nutritious delicious meals

Nutrition at the Heart of Each Recipe

Each of the recipes is packed full of nutrition. For kids that are fussy with veggies, there are ways that you can hide the veggies with the meal. My 11 year old says that my SMASH Burgers are the best burgers he has ever eaten!! Little does he know that he is also getting 2 hidden veggies within the burger.

I believe in flooding the body with nutrition and the prime way of doing this is through the food that we eat. The next batch of cells that our bodies create are actually made from the foods that we eat. This is why it is so very important to ensure that you are eating the correct foods so that your body can create a really good batch of cells.

When you flood your body will high quality nutrition and support the body’s natural healing processes kick in and the possibility of losing weight increases. When I lost my weight back in 2013/14, I did it through the food that I ate, a nutritional programme and not through vigorous exercise. When this happened, I knew the weight that I had lost was gone forever.

The SMASH Way works with your body not against it

Healthier Alternatives to Family Favourites

These recipes are also meals that most households tend to eat. What I have created in some of the recipes is a healthier version of traditional foods. I call it “smashifying” a recipe. This means that I take out the unhealthy ingredients and add in healthier ingredients to make the meal just as tasty, if not tastier, and more nutritious. A couple of examples of this are the Curries, Granola and Waffles. Eating healthily does not mean that you have to miss out on gorgeous meals.

All the ingredients for these recipes are readily available in your local supermarkets. I live out in the countryside and my nearest town is 11 miles away and I can get everything that I need for these recipes.

With the SMASH Way, you don't have to miss out on family favourites.

Batch Cooking and Meal Planning

Another key thing with the SMASH Way Recipes, is the fact that you can bulk cook them and freeze them. This makes evening meal times much more pleasurable. Most recipes are completed within 20 minutes and are easy to prep when it comes to making them. We have very busy schedules and for me it is important that even when it gets crazy at home, and we are like passing ships in the night, that we all have a highly nutritious, tasty meal. Sometimes I will make a meal and there is enough in the meal to do two days.

The SMASH Way doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours and hours in the kitchen in order to make delicious meals

Food for Women who Exercise a lot

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. There is the old saying “You can’t out run your fork” and this is so true. There are many people who work their butts off at the gym but they still don’t get the results that they desire. This comes down to the food that is being ate. If you aren’t getting the correct nutrition, your body won’t be able to do what you need it to do.

The other side of this is when you start with a vigorous exercise regime, you are tend to be given a very bland and boring diet sheet - rice and chicken springs to mind. This is not sustainable and you will fall off the wagon. Realistically, who wants to have a diet consisting of just rice and chicken.

Each of the recipes in The SMASH Way, have got the macro break down, not only for 100g but also for the portion size of the meal. If this is something that you are tracking, you will be able to have that information at a quick glance. Each recipe also has it’s calorie content and portion size, so if that is what you are tracking you will be also able to do that.

Finally, each recipe has its GL number. This is relatively new in the fitness world, but it is something that is very important if you want your body to stay in fat burning mode for longer. This will let you know how your body will react to the carbs in each meal. All meals are designed to keep the GL low so that your body will be in fat burning mode, not fat storage mode.

The SMASH Way means that you can work out and get mega results at the gym

Pictures for EVERY Recipe

One of my pet hates for recipes books is that they tend to only include a limited number of photographs of the meals. This frustrates the life out of me. Most of us are very visual when it comes to deciding what to eat and I kept this in mind when creating the book. Every single recipe as a photograph of how it turns out. There is no fancy photography, this was all done by myself. I wanted things to be realistic, so that when you recreate the recipe you will be able to have the same visual experience.

The SMASH Way means that you can see what you are going to cook - not guess what it is going to turn out like.

Ingredients had to be Readily Available and NOT expensive to buy.

Many people believe that healthy eating means that you are going to be spending a lot more money on your groceries. However, this is not the case when it comes to the SMASH Way. Everyone says that their shopping bill reduces dramatically when they embrace cooking this way. They have also said that there is less food wastage. This is so much better, not only for you and your wallet, but also the environment.

The SMASH Way means you will spend less but get better results

Education is Important

When I say that this is much more than just a recipe book, I mean that there is more to it than just 120 recipes. When you purchase The SMASH Way, you also get access to the SMASH Academy. In this Academy you will find lots of information that will help you understand issues around health and eating the right foods for your body. My goal is not to just sell and go and not care about how people are getting on but to support people on their SMASH journey. I want to help people with their long term goals and guide them through the rough patches.

The SMASH Way will help you to understand the “why” behind dieting and how to live a healthier life long term

It had to be available to as many as possible

Once you purchase your copy of The SMASH Way, you will have immediate access to it. It is held in an online Hub for your convenience. Once you log in to your Hub you will see each section, and then save to your files on your smart device/computer.  This means that you will always have it at your fingertips.

When I did market research on which format that people wanted the book to come in, 90% of people said an online version - primarily for convenience but also to help the environment

One of the key benefits of this is that when you are out shopping and you decide what you want to eat that evening, you can simply call up the recipe and the ingredients list is easily accessible. You will never need to worry about your shopping again.

The SMASH Way can be in the palm of your hand with the click of a button at any time of the day.

A little bit of background about SMASH Worldwide.

SMASH stands for Sandra Miskimmin’s Alternative Solutions for Health and it came about after I changed my eating habits back in 2013 and subsequently my life… I know that sounds corny but it really did.

Prior to 2013 I was living in constant pain. Back in 2001, I tore both my groin muscles (whilst out cycling and trying to get fit and lose weight - yet again), and it led to me suffering terribly with back and pelvis issues. There were times that I could hardly get out of bed and if I put my footing wrong, I would end up in bed for a week or more in absolute agony. It was a really strange existence and I was terrified that this was the way that I was going to live my life longterm.

I had tried loads of different ways to lose weight and yes they would work initially but nothing would work long term. I used to joke with people that I loved food too much to be skinny!

The great thing is that I still love food only now I eat really tasty foods that are working with my body rather than against it. When people saw such a dramatic difference in me they started to ask what had I been doing and to cut a very long story short that is how SMASH Worldwide came about.

I recognised that there were people out there like me that were potentially suffering and really not feeling themselves and didn’t know what to do when it came to food. I wanted to be able to help these people, to be able to give them the ability to feel like I did. So many people say to me that they want whatever I am on - well I am on The SMASH Way.

If you are fed up of feeling like “BLEUGH” and want to have energy, lose a little (or a lot) of weight and want to just feel amazing again, The SMASH Way could be the thing for you.

Just look at some of the reviews that have come in

the smash way review

the smash way review
Eating the SMASH Way can change your life. Get it here

Yours in Health and Happiness

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