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SMASH Worldwide

Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

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Premium Microfibre Cloths 300gsm 30% Polyamide

Microfibre Cloths are a great way to clean without the need for toxin ladened “cleaners”.

These clever cloths use millions of fibres to grab dirt rather than have the need for using detergents. This isn’t magic but simple physics - it uses nothing but the adhesive power of focus - cleaning mechanically and without chemicals

The fibres work as a team to apply powerful forces to dislodge the dirt when used with a small bit of water. They carry the dirt away leaving surfaces naturally dirt free. The dirt stays locked inside the clothes fibres until it is washed in hot water. The hot water make the fibres uncurl slightly and release their dirty contents.

Many of the microfibre clothes on the market are very “thin” in thickness, they have an 80:20 mix but this does not necessarily mean that they are better. The SMASH Worldwide Cloths are made with an 70:30 mix which means very fine fibres, packed in to make the cloth thicker and more effective at cleaning. This also means that the cloth will last longer, so in turn saving you money in the long run.

This is a high quality warp knitted microfibre cloth with a high (30%) polyamide content. Manufactured with a high splitting ratio (ultra split) to produce a very soft cloth that is ideal on sensitive surfaces such as paintwork.

The hem is produced using the same material content as the cloth, which reduces the risk of scratching to almost zero.

Product Details:

Yarn used is 0.13 Denier 30% polyamide 70% polyester
300gsm Terry Warp Knitted

Product Care Instructions:

We recommend that these cloths are washed at 40° to save energy and be kind to the environment. They can be washed at higher temperatures if required. It is recommended that you “boil” the cloths once a month to ensure deep cleaning.

Do not wash with high lint clothing eg towels, socks, tea towels as the lint from these will clog up the fibres making your cloths less effective.

Do not use fabric softener as it can reduce the cloths effectiveness.

It is advisable that the darker colours are laundered separately for the first wash or so as they may leach some dye.

Beneficial for:

Anyone wishing to reduce their exposure to toxins from cleaning products

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