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SMASH Worldwide 8 Week Weight Loss Course
8 week online weight loss education programme from SMASH Worldwide

8 Week Online Programme

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Knowledge is Power.

This can change your life forever - if you are opening to learning.

Lose weight AND feel great!!

Not only will you learn how you can control your eating habits but you will also see how healthy eating doesn't have to be boring, time consuming, difficult or expensive. You owe it to yourself to feel good again.

Growing older doesn't have to mean that you have to get fatter. You can still feel amazing as you age.

During the 8 weeks you will

  • Understand why you have gained weight and how to lose it
  • Receive sample menus to make it easy to adapt to a healthier diet
  • Recognise sugar and all its hidden names
  • Understand how hormones are affecting your body at the moment and how to rebalance them
  • Learn how to have the "perfect plate" to ensure fat loss and long term energy
  • Learn how to recognise foods for what they really are
  • Turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • Be introduced to exercise (if you wish) and be aware of how you need to fuel your body for maximum results (ps exercise is NOT essential in order to loose weight with the SMASH programmes)
  • Recognise your triggers for over eating and how to over come them
  • Understand the effect of Sleep, Stress and Emotions have on your body and how to improve them
  • Have a weekly LIVE session for Q&As and education
  • Be set little challenges to help you along the way towards your healthier lifestyle.

Click here to read of some of my clients' recent results.

Results will vary depending on your commitment to the programme, however, the average person reports the following benefits:-

  • weight loss between 7-10lbs
  • increased energy levels
  • better sleeping patterns
  • less congestion/mucus/snoring
  • less headaches/migraines/aches and pains
  • less temperamental
  • not as hormonal during the month
  • less cravings - if any!!

You owe it to yourself to feel good again. Give me 28 days and I can change your life forever.

The 8 Week Online Programme is valued at £680

  • 4 Weeks of Sample Menus - (worth £40)
  • 120+ SMASH Way Recipes -(worth £40)
  • 8 Weeks of Education - (worth £320)
  • 8 Weeks of Effective Exercises -(worth £80)
  • Workbooks to guide you through the process  (£40)
  • Live Q&A Sessions with Sandra each week (worth £160)
  • Ongoing Support - PRICELESS


The 8 Week Online Programme is available for a short period of time at a new price coming soon!!

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