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The SMASH family is expanding

When I started to create SMASH Worldwide, I had a very specific vision in mind. SMASH had

  • to be built on solid foundations
  • to have products of a very high standard
  • to have the price at an affordable level, even though the products were of a really high standard
  • show my passion to help each client to the best of my ability
  • to offer a high quality service to all my clients
  • to reach as many people as possible and help to educate them on living a healthy lifestyle
  • to show people that growing old/fat/sick is not the only option when it comes to ageing
  • to make decisions based on what was right, not just what was the most profitable for the business.

I have to say that I am so proud of what I have created. This year (2019) has been such an exciting one. SMASH Worldwide was launched in May and it is going from strength to strength. We are getting amazing results with our products and people are feeling fabulous.... and this is just the start of it.

Part of my business plan was to introduce the opportunity of having SMASH Coaches to help even more people. I knew that I would not be able to cope with the number of clients that would come along as well as run the business behind the scenes. SMASH is a very personal approach to health and weight loss, and I knew that I would need high quality coaches to help look after more people. I had planned to introduce this to my business in September 2020, but with the way things have been happening, things have had to happen a whole lot quicker than planned.

SMASH Worldwide is expanding!!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that SMASH has its first Coach!! The amazing Karen Mellers will be adding SMASH Worldwide to her business portfolio. Karen is an inspirational person and I am delighted to welcome her to the SMASH Worldwide Family. I know that Karen will excel with SMASH and her clients will be so lucky to be coached by her. Here are some words from Karen herself, so you can learn a little bit more about her.

“My name is Karen Mellers. I live in a small village called Heage in Derbyshire, UK. I am just approaching a big birthday, no not 50, I mean the bigger birthday of 49! Our bodies change completely every 7 years and I feel the difference this big birthday more than any other.

At the age of 14 I was diagnosed with a curvature of the spine called scoliosis and after major spinal surgery to implant two metal rods in my back, I was given the prognosis that I would have to live with pain all my life, possibly not have children and most likely be dependent on a breathing machine by the time I was 50! I was determined to go to Leeds university to become a dietician, human biology was my passion at school, but the fear of how I thought my life would be lead me to turning down my place at the last minute.

After 7 unhappy, uncertain, angry and fearful years believing what conventional doctors had told me, at the age of 21 I met my first Natural Health Therapist and my journey of hope, health and happiness began. I decided that my life was not predetermined by anyone and that I had the power in me to determine my health. Over the years, with the help of Homeopathy, Nutrition, Ayurvedic Massage, Health Kinesiology, Yoga, Nature, counselling, natural cosmetics and medicines, osteopathy, spiritual healing and just about every other natural treatment this world has to offer us I can honestly say I am the healthiest I have ever been. Mind, Body and Spirit.

I met my husband and love of my life, Michael, when I was 18 and we have been married now for 25 years! After 4 years of struggling to get pregnant I was introduced to Homeopathy for the first time and after only one month of remedies, at the age of 28 I had my first child, Jacob, a kind and loving 20-year-old who is studying acting at Falmouth University.

After experiencing the loss of two miscarriages while trying to work full time and look after a toddler I turned to Homeopathy again. 9 months later at the age of 34 (so close to 7 years) I left a career in IT and had my second child, Matthew, an intelligent and passionate teenager who is just in his GCSE year and applying for colleges to study Music. He plays some mean bass guitar!

For the next 7 years I had a ball working for the Richard Branson direct selling company Virgin Vie. This is where I first met the force of nature that is Sandra Miskimmin. We had such fun learning how to run a business and little did I know how our paths would cross again!

After Virgin Vie folded in a very messy ending at the age of 42 (back on track with the 7 years), I approached the natural health company Weleda UK and with my passion for Homeopathy and Natural Health, I founded their Weleda Wellbeing Advisor Network. A now 500 strong army of people passionate about helping people in the UK know about their options with Natural Health.

Working with Weleda has been life changing and reaffirming. I am so grateful for the caring, generous people I have had the pleasure of calling my friends and work colleagues over the last 7 years. One the hardest times in my life has been losing my mum to heart disease and with the love and support of this incredibly wise company I have been introduced to a more conscious, sustainable way of living that has brought me peace and health once again.

And now at 49,  alongside my work with Weleda, I am now returning full circle back to nutrition and am thrilled to be starting a new business as a Nutritional Coach with SMASH Worldwide! I have watched this amazing lady, Sandra, over the past few years change her life and her health and in June 2018 went through her program. Nutrition is the cornerstone of health and even though I felt well and wasn’t overweight, I had started to feel older, grew tired easily and started slowly putting on the pounds. I was drinking alcohol to relax me and just needed a change. Well it certainly did that! Within 8 weeks I felt 20 years younger, full of life and optimism. Not only my body changed (I dropped 10lbs) but so did my mind and my spirit. How does putting the right nutrients in your body do all that? I decided to speak to Sandra about how I could do what she does so that I too could help others feel this way.

She suggested I study the year long course to become a Nutrition Advisor while she developed her vision of SMASH Worldwide to enable people to start a business with her as a SMASH Coach. 12 months or so later that is what we both did! I am thrilled to be starting this journey with her, we agree on how the world is changing, how natural resources are how we keep ourselves well, sustainable business approaches, people-planet-profit priorities and health is the new wealth! I am excited to be working with Sandra again, looking forward to meeting the clients I can help and through my business A Fresh Idea Ltd, and keep helping people find a more natural way to stay well.
Karen x”

As you can see from this Karen is an inspiration and I just love her attitude and beliefs about living a healthy lifestyle. I know you are going to be an amazing asset to SMASH Worldwide. Welcome to the family xx

The business opportunity

If running your own health business is something that you would be interested in, please give me a shout. If you love helping people, have a passion about natural living and are interested in weight loss and natural, high quality supplements, email me on and we can have a chat about what is involved in becoming a SMASH Worldwide Coach.

Yours in Health and Happiness

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  • I wish you all the luck Sandra!

    Eddy delmoitie

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