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Coming soon! New product launch

Ohh I just love when I find something that will help everyone live a healthier lifestyle. I will always research products and find the best quality for the best price for you.

SMASH Worldwide's ethos is all about living a lifestyle that will mean that you can be as healthy as possible. My clients have access to quick and easy recipes, advice, high quality supplements, high quality protein powders and support. But I felt as though something was missing.

What was missing?

During the 8 week programme I teach everyone about reducing their exposure to toxins.

Toxins are having a dramatic effect on our health and most of us don't realise that we are being exposed to them.  Our body can not cope with the new chemicals that have been created. We were designed to cope with the following ones instead.

With the introduction of so many more toxins, our body is being overloaded and struggling to cope. This is leading to weight gain, extra pressure on the liver to detox and potentially lots of health concerns.

If you were to think of a toxin, what would you think of?

Most of us think about the nasty chemical that are know as toxins, however, there are loads floating around us in our homes, work places and in the products that we use.

Look at the list below and count how many of these are you being continually exposed to

You may look at some of these and think - they aren't a toxin, but unfortunately they are.  Anything that is synthetically created in the lab may have a negative effect on the body.

One of the things that I encourage people to do is to get clever at reading labels and researching ingredients.  Don't be fooled by the clever cmarketing of products and be aware of the effect that the ingredients will have on the body.

You many not be aware of the effect that the continual exposure to these products are having but if you are suffering from anything from the list below, I would recommend looking at your exposure and then reducing it and the possibility of doing a gentle detox.

So with all that in mind, I am launching something new that will help you to reduce your exposure to some of the toxins that you most likely use in your house on a daily basis!

The product is

  • quick and easy to use
  • cost effective
  • dramatically cut down of your exposure to many household chemicals
  • improve the quality of the air in your house
  • dramatically cut down on the amount of plastic being used in your house
  • so safe to use, babies could use it

I am so excited to launch this to you all very soon. I will be doing a massive promotional offer on it when it goes live - seeing at it is on the run up to Christmas!!


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